Day Trippers Ez & Ju visit Liverpool

Published on 14 May 2023 at 06:24

Photos: Ez and Ju on their recent trips to Liverpool.

Ju commented “it’s always very EZciting visiting Liverpool, the home of our all time heroes The Beatles. The city also has a long-standing reputation for producing countless musicians, actors, artists, footballers, athletes, comedians, journalists, novelists and poets.”

Ez added “Liverpool is such an important cultural centre within the UK, incorporating music, performing arts, museums, art galleries, listed buildings, listed parks, literature and nightlife amongst others. It’s the World Capital City of Pop having produced 56 No. 1 singles. It feels right that Liverpool was chosen to host the Eurovision Song Contest this year. But let’s face it, we were were never going to win though, were we? 😢🤣”.

Never a truer word spoken……

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